Brew #103 You Make The Call!

Do you think Wii is factor in arcade business declines?

50% Yes
50% No

Total Votes: 8

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2 Responses to “Brew #103 You Make The Call!”

  1. grapeape Says:

    The decline in Arcades is more due to the $2-$3 a play per game than the success of the Wii. Poor maintenance, high prices, lack of variety and the replacement of traditional games with more carnival/prize oriented gadgets are all contributors to its pending death. IMHO after my last visit to what was supposed to be an arcade…good ridance.

  2. Matthew Says:

    You mean in Japan? In America they became unprofitable in the 90s when high-tech game systems and PCs became the norm. Mortal Kombat and Daytona USA were the last hurrah for arcades in America.

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