Brew #99 You Make The Call!

Did Microsoft use creative accounting to claim Xbox 360’s 2-to-1 lead over the PS3?

60% Yes
40% No

Total Votes: 40

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2 Responses to “Brew #99 You Make The Call!”

  1. Jimi Says:

    Microsoft had really high sales in this time period, and using all the numbers Microsoft had available it is very plausible that the Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 2-1. It would probably be a little lower if more numbers were available, but then again it might be the same or even higher.
    Sony is just saying “NO!” and not offering any other ratio or any other numbers. It sounds like Sony doesn’t have any evidence saying otherwise (at least none that they will share) so I believe Microsoft. If Sony had other sales figures they would post them.

  2. Timothy Manbeck Says:

    Yes, at least in my area. My local Wal-mart, K-mart had no PS3’s but had tons
    of 360’s, all 4 sku’s. Mostly tardpac’s and Halo, but also Elite and Premium’s.
    I’m not saying Sony won black friday, just that from what I have seen, they
    seem to be on the right track.
    Also, I bought my PS3 at launch, and my 360 when Bioshock came out.
    PSN: Boger
    XBL: Meboger
    Keep up the good work, thanks.

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