Brew #98 You Make The Call!

Did you pre-order a 40GB PS3?

23% Yes
77% No

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One Response to “Brew #98 You Make The Call!”

  1. Michael Hunt Says:

    I’ve owned a PS3 since day one… haven’t had a problem w/ it unlike my 360… i’ve gone through 2 of those due to over heating and that’s just in the last 8 months. I’m glad that I purchased a PS3 early to take advantage of having the Option of Backwards Compatability. The new 40GB model has been stripped of it’s PS2 Hardware just to cut costs for Sony. Although I’m happy I got an Earlier model, I do agree that it was a good move on Sony’s Part. I only play my PS2 titles on my PS2. And I’m sure all the other PS3 owners do that out there too.

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