Thanks for reading!

Three years ago today Punch Jump pimped its way onto the web and into your computer as a daily video game news website. Nearly 5,000 news articles later, we’re still in business!

More… Thanks to each and every one of you who visit or have visited the site. Punch Jump’s main goal is to provide fast, trustworthy news to the public and if we’ve helped to inform you, we’re glad to hear it.

Also, did you know that 22 years ago today Nintendo launched the NES in the U.S.? Awesome!

The entire Punch Jump Crew hopes that you continue to find us as a source for daily video game news. We have some new things cooking for the future and we want you to be there with us to help heat up the kitchen…so to speak.

Thanks for reading!

Marcus Lai
CEO, Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Blake Snow Says:

    Glad to hear it, Marcus.

    My only advice moving forward for you would be to go easy on using Amazon data as a news source — I’m unconvinced it speaks for the industry as a whole.

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