Brew #96 You Make The Call!

Will a 40GB PS3 help move sales past Wii?

38% Yes
62% No

Total Votes: 47

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One Response to “Brew #96 You Make The Call!”

  1. Benx Says:

    I think Nintendo will continue to sell more than Sony bcus the PS3 may be cheaper now but they take away some important features like the backward compatibility, the memory card reader, its really a waste that Sony has to sacrifies this features for their console price to go down. as for the Wii, Nintendo will still be on top bcus of the innovation of their controller and reasonable console price, personally I really like to own an Xbox360 bcus of their great game line-up compare to their console rivals but the 360 has overheating problem that keeps me from buying one, whats the use of having great game line-up if the machine keeps on overheating so for me its still a wait and see situation.

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