Brew #93 You Make The Call!

Will Halo 3 boost Xbox 360 sales past Wii next month?

62% Yes
38% No

Total Votes: 21

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One Response to “Brew #93 You Make The Call!”

  1. cirej2000 Says:

    I would hope that the 360 can beat out the Wii next month. Nothing much of note for the Wii in the last weeks of September and the first few of October. I really think that the Wii demand will continue to slow down until late October.

    I think from the standpoint of interest, I’d like to see the console race stay contentious for another 6 months. I love the Wii and am a Nintendo fanboy, but if MS sees that the hardcore are their true bread and butter, then maybe they’ll learn to stick with their true fanbase. As for Nintendo, well, I’m starting to see 3rd parties kick it up a notch. Still waiting for that big PS3 moment, though.

    Having all 3 consoles, makes all of this so interesting!!

    YES! 360 beats out the Wii for October and maybe even September.

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